Health, Wellness and Inclusion


As a global youth-serving organization, BBYO prioritizes the health and well-being of our teens, professionals, volunteers, and community.

Mental Health Support

IC has a team of Wellness Specialists who help teens with mental health and emotional needs. Wellness Specialists can be found throughout convention and can be accessed by request through IC staff.

BBYO teens who have been trained in teen Mental Health First Aid will also be highlighted throughout the convention. Teens are trained in how to recognize and respond to their peers dealing with a mental health challenge and helping connect them to a safe adult.

All BBYO staff are trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid and Healthy Relationships. Staff are equipped to recognize mental health challenges and connect teens to the appropriate support.

Physical Health Support

IC has an onsite Medical Center staffed by nurses and doctors. Staff are available for onsite needs and to determine if a teen needs to see an expert offsite. The Medical Center will have some OTC medications for unexpected needs, but if a participant requires daily medications, they will be responsible for managing that independently. 

What Happens If a Delegate Gets Sick at IC? 

IC hosts a full medical team of professional nurses, mental health professionals, and doctors onsite. If a delegate requires medical attention, an IC staff member can assist them in contacting a member of the Medical Team. 

In case of an emergency, BBYO will utilize the nearest hospital. If additional information or out-of-hotel medical services are needed, a member of the IC Leadership Team will contact the delegate's parent or guardian.

How Do I Get In Touch with Someone at IC? 

If there is an emergency during IC, parents are encouraged to call the IC Hotline at 1-800-421-9843.

The IC office will be fully staffed from 8:00 AM through 10:00 PM CT everyday. While our office team will be working until very late at night, should you get our voicemail in the evening, please leave a message. We’ll be checking messages frequently and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Inclusion Support

If a participant would benefit from additional support, arrangements need to be discussed by November 21st, 2022. Any specific needs must be arranged through the Senior Director of Wellness and Inclusion. Individualized needs must be emailed to

Participant Expectations

As a reminder, delegates have signed a Code of Conduct agreement upon registering for BBYO membership. This indicates their full understanding of BBYO’s behavioral expectations. Should a delegate choose to act outside of BBYO’s Code of Conduct, the incident will be addressed by the appropriate staff members.

BBYO has a zero-tolerance approach to any violation of the Code of Conduct and any disciplinary matter that comes to the attention of IC staff. If a delegate is dismissed from IC for disciplinary reasons or Code of Conduct violations, BBYO will arrange for travel home immediately, at the delegate’s expense and without a refund.

The most common Code of Conduct violations and consequences can be found here.

COVID Requirements

Due to the frequent changes in COVID-19 variants and protection measures, BBYO’s Medical Advisory Committee determines the safest and most effective interventions based on current research and predictions. 

In order to attend IC 2023, everyone attending must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Novavax, or Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The vaccine must be received no later than 14 days before a participant’s IC arrival date. BBYO reserves the right to update this policy based on the direction of BBYO’s Medical Advisory Committee. BBYO’s Medical Advisory Committee recommends, but does not require the COVID-19 booster.  

For more details on BBYO's COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements and policies, please review this document.

Exemptions to the vaccine are rare but may be considered. Exemption requests must be submitted by November 16, 2022. Request for exemption does not guarantee exemption. 

Prior to attending BBYO International Convention, all participants, including teens, staff, volunteers, and speakers, will be required to provide documentation of a negative rapid/antigen test taken on the day of travel. Only lab-certified tests will be accepted for international programs. 

If a participant receives a positive COVID-19 test onsite, they will be required to be picked up by an adult family member or emergency contact within 24 hours.

BBYO reserves the right to test any participant.

Based on these guidelines, and in consultation with BBYO’s Medical Advisory Committee, we are confident we can safely move forward with plans to gather in-person at IC 2023.

IC Vaccination Policy

As part of the registration process for any overnight program, including IC, families will be asked to confirm that their teens have been vaccinated for both COVID-19 and childhood vaccines. BBYO’s most updated immunization policy can be found here. For IC 2023, parents will also need to present proof of their teen’s COVID-19 vaccination in order for them to attend convention.