This Spring, we honor the original gamechangers of BBYO as we celebrate 97 years of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and 77 years of the B'nai B'rith Girls.

As is true every year, BBG Founders’ Day is April 22nd and AZA Founders’ Day (effectively, BBYO’s birthday) is May 3rd. We will celebrate exactly how Sam Beber and Anita Perlman would have wanted—as a movement, through experiences built by our chapters all over the world.

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We honor those who came before us through our values and actions.

Our Founders of both our Movement and chapters have built a platform for us to have a voice and make a real difference in the world. On Founders' Day this year, let's build the celebration they deserve.

Founders’ Day marks a critical and exciting time for our Movement to mobilize in honor of our history, shared successes, and future. If you would like additional consultation on building your Founders' Day celebration, we are here to help—reach out to anytime.

We encourage you to learn more about the rich history of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and B’nai B’rith Girls—from 14 boys in Omaha, Nebraska to a growing global movement of 725+ chapters in 55 countries.

Share Your Plans

We want to know how your community is going big for Founders' Day. Be a part of the worldwide celebration by filling out the form below. Make sure to mark that it’s a Founders’ Day program—we’ll send you a celebratory chapter charter and digital celebration pack to help you level up your program!

Founders' Day Plans

Planning: Any Way You Want It

Gamechanger Grants

If you need a little money to add a boost to your Founders' Day celebration, we want to help. Fill out a Gamechanger Grant application today if you're ready to go big →

Build Your Own

Other fun opportunities to celebrate the past, present, and future of AZA and BBG. Let your imagination run wild!

AZA & BBG New Member and Honorary Inductions

Celebrating our history means celebrating our legacies. There's no better way to mark 97 years of AZA and 77 years of BBG than inducting your chapter or region's new member. Check out induction templates for AZA and BBG that you can customize locally and be sure to issue all new members inductions certificates as well (AZABBG, and BBYO). We also encourage you to celebrate your new members by place a lawn sign on their front yard for all to see!

Invite local gamechangers to a virtual program and run honorary inductions to honor their status in your community.

AZA, BBG, and Siblinghood Separates

Run a brother/sisterhood program to honor the connection and foundation of our movement. Need some inspiration? Check out our guide on building a strong Separates experience. You can also plan a Good and Welfare ceremony, Big/Little experience, or run a previous International Convention Separates program that you can find in the IC 2020 Program Showcase library.

Connect & Celebrate

Co-host a shared virtual program on BBYO On Demand with a chapter from a different country. Need help getting connected? Reach out to and

Sisterhood of the Traveling Mascot

Send your chapter mascot on a trip from house to house via the mail or being placed in a mailbox. Create a journal of all the photos and stories in the end; just remember: keep your mascot safe and healthy with some Clorox wipes!

State of the Chapter

Invite your Chapter N’siah/Godol (President) to deliver a State of the Chapter as an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the wins and successes of the past year (here’s a script if you need one). How will we be even stronger by the time BBYO turns 98?

Plug and Play

Celebrating Founders’ Day with your chapter is easier than ever before. Just host one of these ready-made programs. Follow the script, or get creative—there’s plenty of room for you to customize!

Throw a Birthday Bash

AZA (& BBYO) turning 97 and BBG turning 77 is nothing short of impressive. Celebrate our birthdays featuring trivia using the Blue/Red books, historic photos, matching party hats, and more. Here’s a sample program that you can run!

#TBT With Alumni

Invite your chapter’s gamechangers of the past to join you for a program, conversation, or panel. Do you know what your chapter was like through the decades? Learn more through these interview questions!

Virtual Capsule & Archive

Assemble a digital BBYO time capsule or archive full of chapter notes, photos, and memorabilia. A capsule is specific to the year it's made and marked with a designated open date for future Alephs and BBGs, while an archive is a documentation of decades of history available to anyone! Check out tapsule on the app store.

Birthday and History

Founders' Day is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate BBYO's birthday through parties and chapter gatherings. Explore ways you can celebrate with your community.

AZA's 96th Birthday / BBG's 76th Birthday

Throw a BBYO birthday bash to celebrate our history – featuring trivia using the Red/Blue Books, historic photos, alumni speakers, and more

Sample Programs

Celebrate Your Chapter

Celebrate new chapters and/or ‘charter-versaries’ by printing an enlarged copy of your charter and inviting all members to sign (#picsoritdidnthappen)

Shared Global Celebration

Co-host a shared virtual program over Zoom (or another video chat platform) with another chapter from one of our global communities around the world.

Chapter Time Capsule

Assemble a BBYO time capsule full of notes and other chapter memorabilia (whether tangible or digital), marked with a designated open date for future Alephs and BBGs

Alumni and Community Engagement

Founders' Day is an incredible opportunity to bring together alumni, parents, friends, and supporters of BBYO. There are hundreds of thousands of BBYO alumni out there and this is a great way to engage them.

Alumni BBQ and Flag Football

Plan an alumni barbecue and/or flag football game, using these fun and interactive events to engage all ages; invite former members (especially those now doing big things in the world) to share their stories of BBYO and beyond.

Chapter Formal Banquet

Host a formal chapter banquet (complete with dressy attire and maybe a +1 guest invite) to include a nice dinner plus ample time to reflect on BBYO’s past, celebrate the present, and get excited for the future.

Parent Engagement Events

Offer a mother/daughter or father/son experience (brunch, Shabbat dinner, Havdallah program, etc.) to celebrate your chapter’s accomplishments together across generations.

Sample Program

Ritual and Tradition

Founders' Day offers a special opportunity to align an upcoming AZA or BBG ritual or tradition moment with the Founders' Day initiative.

State of the Chapter

Deliver a State of the Chapter address to give your fellow Alephs/BBGs an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the wins and successes of the past year

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Separates

Run a brother/sisterhood program to honor the foundation of our movement; whether something traditional like Good and Welfare or a Big/Little ritual moment, or something different like a nice chapter dinner outing or community service project (w/ new swag!)

AZA SeparatesBBG Separates

Inductions Ceremony

Host a special induction ceremony to officially welcome your newest class of AITs and MITs into AZA and BBG, offering a powerful moment for celebration and connection to the full global history of our movement

International Letters Day

Show your AZA & BBG spirit on Wednesday, April 28 by wearing your favorite AZA, BBG, or BBYO swag as part of the sixth AZA & BBG International Letters Day. Be sure to use the Founders’ Day hashtags when posting your pics on social.


Design Tools

Utilize the Founders' Day Brand Kit to get the word out about your event! The Brand Kit includes digital flyers, Instagram story templates, letterhead, header, footer, share squares, slide templates, values slides, and zoom backgrounds. We've linked some of the examples from the kit below. Get creative and let us know if you need any help. You can access the designs via Google Slides or Canva (contact your local staff about Canva access).

Access Tools

Event Environment Enhancements

Go all out to make your Founders' Day celebration special and memorable. Be sure to order these items at least two weeks before your event to avoid any rush fees.

AZA & BBG Flags

Suggested Vendor: Best Flag
Instructions: Order a 2'x3' single-sided flag and upload your artwork.
Ballpark price: $50


AZA & BBG Hats

Suggested Vendor: Rush Order Tees
Instructions: Email asking for AZA and BBG hats with quantity, shipping address, and shipping timeline.
Ballpark price: $11/item

Table Runner

Suggested Vendor: Totally Promotional
Instructions: Select one of the 'best sellers' and find a size that works for your budget. Upload the AZA and BBG seal or BBYO logo for the front.
Ballpark price: $30/item


AZA & BBG Letter Sweatshirts

Suggested Vendor: Rush Order Tees
Instructions: Use these designs to order a t-shirt, long sleeve, or embroidered crew neck as a swag give-a-way at your celebration.
Ballpark price: $10-20/item


Alive and Well Shirts

Suggested Vendor: Rush Order Tees
Instructions: Use these designs to print t-shirts and celebrate our Founders.
Ballpark price: $7/item


Table Confetti

Spice up table with some branded confetti!

Suggested Vendor:
Instructions: Select a size, upload artwork, and place your order.
Ballpark price: $10/pack



Suggested Vendor: Promotion Choice
Instructions: Select 1 color print, quantity, balloon color, production notes, and upload the art. Get ready to 'wow' your participants with this one.
Ballpark price: $0.54/balloon


Party Hats

Suggested Vendor: Zazzle
Instructions: Select "customize," upload and size your art, select the color of your hat, and finalize your order.
Ballpark price: $2/hat


Fanny Packs

Suggested Vendor: With Logos
Instructions: Select your colors and quantities and upload the BBYO logo.
Ballpark price: $3/item


Custom Foam Letters

Explore options for doing small to large scale AZA, BBG, or BBYO foam letters to enhance your environment.


Planning Tools

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The Red Book

This is the BBG membership manual. Every member receives one when they are inducted into our Order. The book includes our rituals, history, and how we run the Movement. →

The Blue Book

This is the AZA membership manual. Every member receives one when they are inducted into our Order. The book includes our rituals, history, and how we run the Movement.→

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