We're Embracing Innovation

As our Movement grows so does our ability to innovate programming, execute big ideas, and turn our dreams into a reality. We know that many big ideas come with a price tag which is why we are offering multiple innovation grants that your chapter or community can apply for. We want there to be no barrier to your ability to make a difference, make an impact, and make our community stronger. Explore the current available grants in the tabs below to inspire what you could do for your next event.

Gamechanger Grants: Innovation

Who: Open to all chapters worldwide.*
Opportunity: Plan an event designed to make a big difference in your community, bring in new prospects and members, and pilot new program initiatives.
Amount: $50-$1000; Innovation grants will be awarded on a rolling basis while funds are available.
Timeline: Apply at least two weeks prior to your event. The earlier, the better!

*Gamechanger Innovation Grants are meant to drive innovative chapter programs, and are not typically awarded to member-only regional experiences.

Before you apply, take time to build a thoughtful plan. You absolutely must be able to specify in your application what the Gamechanger Innovation Grant money will be used for. If you need any additional support or guidance before submitting your application, feel free to reach out to any of us at or through your International Gizborim.

Please read the information below before applying! The application link is at the bottom of the page.

Innovation Grants can range from $50 to $1,000* (USD) and will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Program content and quality

  • Event environment (exciting location, how the event will look/feel, branding, hosting strategies)

  • Communication and outreach strategies

  • Engagement of prospects, current members, alumni, community members, and beyond

*Please note, grants of larger amounts (beyond $1000) will be considered on an individual basis as funding permits. 

Innovation Grants are intended to:

  • Elevate chapter programs beyond the “typical" and create innovative programs that level up the chapter experience and wouldn’t be possible otherwise

  • Supplement chapter programs budgets to expand the depth and/or reach of the program

  • Launch new chapters

  • Engage prospects and teens not yet involved with BBYO

  • Highlight service, advocacy, global Jewry, education, entrepreneurship, and more

  • Give particular attention to programs that prioritize Aleph engagement and upperclassmen engagement

  • Support WOW Programs at the chapter level

  • Elevate recruitment, retention, fraternity and sisterhood programming (i.e., Big/Little programming, Inductions, Intake/Rush, etc.)  

  • Boost BBYO visibility, reach, and impact throughout your community

  • Engagement of prospects, current members, alumni, community members, and beyond

Program elements Gamechanger Innovation Grants have funded:

  • Offsetting costs of exciting and creative program venues

  • Elevated food experiences like Cupcake Wars, Master Chef, Food Trucks, and Bonfires

  • Launch new chapters

  • Chapter outings like Bubble Soccer, Bowling, Paintball, Sports Events, Escape Rooms, Laser Tag, Roller Staking, and Pottery

  • Hosting and branding advancements for chapter experiences

  • Cost of event attendance for chapter members

This list is not exhaustive! We encourage you to apply for a Gamechanger Innovation Grant for any program element that is innovative, exciting, and engaging.

Please note that Gamechanger Innovation Grants will not be awarded for fundraisers, swag, gifts or tips, or transportation. Gamechanger Innovation Grants are also typically not awarded for food unless it truly elevates the program experience.

All recipients will need to submit the following in exchange for awarded funding after the event using the Gamechanger Innovation Grant Report Form:

  • Event participant data (via Jotform, BBYO Sign-in Link, Excel spreadsheet, etc.)

  • Photo and/or video highlights

  • Teen Testimonials from the experience

Check out these planning tools to help you get started:

Before you submit an application for funding, make sure you've exhausted all of the ways to raise funds for your event. Here is a list of fundraisers you can host in your chapter. Gamechanger Innovation Grants are intended to elevate the program experience. Your program budget should be able to support the experience regardless of the event. These funds should supplement your program budget not as a means to make a profit on the program.

BBYO’s Program Planning Form is required with every Gamechanger Innovation Grant Application. The program planning form must give the committee a clear sense of what your program is about, provide a budget, and be viewable by the committee.

Gamechanger Innovation Granted Programs

2022 - 2023 Gamechanger Innovation Granting Committee

Alexa Konover

Ohio Northern

Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Avi Cohn

Rocky Mountain

Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Daniella Krasney

Greater Jersey Hudson River: Northern

Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Ellie Blumberg

New England

Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Etel Malka

Hudson Valley

Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Ilan Mops


Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Joshua Horwich

Great Midwest

Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Justin Baltuch

Greater Jersey Hudson River: Northern

Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Maya Weisman

Central Region West

Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Nika Festetics de Tolna

Balkans: Croatia

Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Noah Paradise

Greater Jersey Hudson River: Central

Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Sami Cooper

Northern Region East: Baltimore

Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Shay Manor

Central Region West

Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Sydney Shanker


Gamechanger Innovation Granting Coach

Gamechanger Grants: Israel

Who: Open to all chapters, regions, and communities worldwide.
Opportunity: Plan an event or program designed to elevate the conversation around Israel.
Amount: $50-$1000; Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis while funds are available.
Timeline: Apply at least two weeks prior to your event.

Please read the information below before applying! The application link is at the bottom of the page.

At BBYO, we want to ensure that our Israel programming is sophisticated, thoughtful, high quality, and pluralistic. As such, we ask that your Israel program has an added value—an educational goal that goes above and beyond social programming.

As your ideating, please consider the following:

  • What is your program’s stated objective or intended outcome?

  • Does your program include meaningful or challenging discussion?

  • Does your program represent a plurality of views, when possible?

  • Does your program utilize a speaker or educator? If you are having speakers or guests, please make sure you have a person who is an example of an issue, rather than a representative for that issue. We are most interested in hearing about people’s personal stories and experiences, not their political punditry. If your program specifically engages in political discourse, please make sure a plurality of views are represented. For further questions reach out to Alana Ebin (Director of Jewish Enrichment at BBYO).

Before you apply, take time to build a thoughtful plan. Talk with your peers, staff and advisors about what will make the biggest impact for your community. They can help advise on your timeline, budget, and content. If you need any additional support or guidance before submitting your application, feel free to reach out to any of us at or through your International Sh'lichim. Your wins are our wins and we want you to thrive. Let’s make history!


Who: Open to all chapters worldwide
Opportunity: Plan an event or program (online and/or in-person) that connects members with Jewish teens, it may include non-Jewish teens, to explore our differences and shared values.
Amount: $500 1st round winners, $1,250 2nd round winners, $3,000 3rd round winners
Timeline: All submissions due October 23 by 11:59 PM ET local time. Applications are now closed.

Please read through the information on this page and email with any questions.
The application link is at the bottom of the page!

Our Brother Alephs, Sister B’nai B’rith Girls, and BBYO teens in all chapters worldwide,

We’re thrilled share a new way to elevate your chapter’s programming and impact. BBYO has teamed up with Our Common Destiny to provide grants, and program support, to innovative teen-led chapter events that can be held both online and/or in-person, that connect our current members with Jewish teens, as well as non-Jewish teens, in fun, meaningful, and powerful experiences with new teens to explore our differences and shared values.

The #CommonGroundChallenge has been made possible by Our Common Destiny in memory of Ilia Salita and his friendship with the Marcus Foundation. You can follow Our Common Destiny’s activities at @OurCommonDestiny1 on Facebook and Our.Common.Destiny on Instagram. Inspired by the roots of the Aleph Zadik Aleph, and Ilia Salita’s career, the #CommonGroundChallenge is intended to encourage ‘harmony’ and ‘unity’ amongst the Jewish People led by those that will soon lead the global Jewish community.

Our Common Destiny is working to unite the global Jewish community around these inspiring shared values: 

  • Ensuring the well-being and security of Israel and Jews worldwide

  • Taking responsibility for each other

  • Strengthening Jewish Identity

  • Serving as a "Light Unto the Nations" by acting ethically and morally

  • Working towards world development and improvement

Any BBYO teen representing a chapter worldwide is eligible to apply. At this time of global unrest and divisiveness across society, these experiences are intended to deepen relationships across the Jewish community and to support new connections across all teens of the current generation. 

Once all applications are received, thirty chapters will be selected for the first challenge. Following implementation, ten chapters - decided by a public voting campaign online and program evaluation scoring - will earn a second round of increased funding. Following a second round of implementation, once again, public voting and program evaluation will determine which three chapters earn a third round of increased funding to execute their project at a really elevated level.

First Round Prizes: $500 per Grant Recipient (30 Chapters Selected)
Second Round Prizes:
$1,250 per Grant Recipient (10 Chapters Selected)
Third Round Prizes:
$3,000 per Grant Recipient (3 Chapters Selected)

Examples of communities that chapters can, but are not limited to, focus on include lesser affiliated teens, under engaged Jewish teens, Israeli Jewish teens, Russian-speaking Jewish teens, Spanish-speaking Jewish teens, Jewish teens who may only participate in Jewish communal life seasonally (i.e., summer camp or the local JCC Maccabi team), teens that participate in other youth movements, teens with varying abilities, teens who practice unique or distinct Jewish practices, and more.

Grants can be used to support entirely original experiences dreamt up by teens, or support initiatives like Voice Your Vote or BBYO Global Shabbat, which naturally bring together Jewish teens representing diverse perspectives and unique narratives. Events must include a mosaic of Jewish teen participants, but can also include teens representing other religions, cultures, or neighboring communities. Be sure to read through the criteria in the grant application below.

The #CommonGroundChallenge is managed by the BBYO International Board and grant recipients will be voted upon by the BBYO membership, the global Jewish teen community, and our partners at Our Common Destiny at the conclusion of each round.

We wish you luck in your endeavors and cannot wait to see the inspiring programs that you plan around this exciting new initiative!

Fraternally and Respectfully Submitted,
The 96th Grand Board of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and 76th International Board of the B’nai B’rith Girls

Key Dates for 2020-2021 Program Year

October 8, 2020: #CommonGroundChallenge Launches
October 23, 2020:
Applications Due
October 26 - 30, 2020:
Open Voting
November 6, 2020:
First Round Winners Announced
February 11, 2021:
Second Round Winners Announced
April 11, 2021:
Third Round Winners Announced