Our commitment to relief during challenging times

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Taking Action on COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected millions around the world, and BBYO teens everywhere are mobilizing to take action. Though COVID-19 has cancelled chapter programs, regional conventions, and summer experiences, this page provides the tools to continue to engage, educate, and entertain teens around the world. While we are physically apart, we can come together and support those who have been affected both directly and indirectly by this disease—from patients to family members to those living in isolation to frontline healthcare workers.

The Standing Up for Upstanders Task Force, BBYO’s teen COVID-19 response committee, provides the resources for any teen to…

We acknowledge that systemic racism and structural inequality have caused communities of color to suffer disproportionately from COVID-19. We as BBYO teens are committed to ensuring our efforts are supporting and inclusive of communities of color.

If you have any questions about our work, please email us, or sign up to join the task force here. Make sure to follow the directions over at before you sign up.

About COVID-19

Part of the mission of the Standing UP for Upstanders Task Force is to help teens educate themselves and those around them on the current COVID-19 crisis. For more information on COVID-19 and how to stay safe, see the CDC's COVID-19 Fact Sheet.

Meet the Standing Up for Upstanders Committee



América Central: Kansas City

Standing Up for Upstanders Task Force Fundraising Lead




Standing Up for Upstanders Task Force Project Lead



Australia: Melbourne

Standing Up for Upstanders Task Force Social Media Lead



Nassau Suffolk

Standing Up for Upstanders Task Force Social Media Lead




Standing Up for Upstanders Task Force Ed & Web Lead



Nassau Suffolk

Standing Up for Upstanders Task Force Fundraising Lead



Pacific Western

Standing Up for Upstanders Task Force Service Project Lead



Lago Ontario

Standing Up for Upstanders Task Force Ed & Web Lead



Este: Sureste

Standing Up for Upstanders Task Force Founder




Standing Up for Upstanders Task Force Secretary

Sabrina Lewin, Argentina
Ruby Borer,
Luisa David,
Mia Graybow,
Big Apple
Jackie Korn,
Big Apple
Annie Morgan,
Big Apple
Rachel Wolk,
Big Apple
Maayan Pendler,
Central Region West
Dalia Pupkin,
Nicole Orlofsky,
Connecticut Valley
Daria Lapidot-Boaz,
Eastern: North Carolina
Hannah Ross,
Eastern: North Carolina
Alyssa Shapiro
, Eastern: North Carolina
Ben Budenstein,
Eastern: Southeast
Claudia Sachs,
Eastern: Virginia
Meira Fiber-Munron,
Olivia Ball,
Gold Coast
Dani Charlip,
Gold Coast
Alisa Feldman,
Gold Coast
Isabella Kuber,
Gold Coast
Sarah Louis,
Gold Coast
Lilly Weiss,
Gold Coast
Allie Paige,
Great Midwest
Sigi Shure,
Great Midwest
Lily Fleischman,
Greater Atlanta
Lihee Freeman,
Greater Atlanta
Meghan Cohen,
GJHRR: Central
Carrie Ortner,
Hudson Valley
Gillian Beck,
Lake Ontario
Jonah Beckenstein,
Lake Ontario
Taylor Levy,
Lake Ontario
Jadyn Right,
Lake Ontario
Kylie Cantos,
Dayna Mushlin,
Maya Sullum,
Rosie Silver,
Jessica Robins,
Frank Barton,
Mid-America: Kansas City
Lilah Kaplan,
Ava Caiati,
Nassau Suffolk
Emma Dorfman,
Nassau Suffolk
Brooke Friedman,
Nassau Suffolk
Jessica Gelman,
Nassau Suffolk
Alex Goodstein,
Nassau Suffolk
Alexa Helder,
Nassau Suffolk
Ryan Kertzner,
Nassau Suffolk
Olivia Kittrell,
Nassau Suffolk
Leah Koeppel,
Nassau Suffolk
Sydney Levine,
Nassau Suffolk
Hannah Marmor,
Nassau Suffolk
Ava Mogelefsky,
Nassau Suffolk
Carley Nayer,
Nassau Suffolk
Holly Scharlop,
Nassau Suffolk
Sydney Siegman,
Nassau Suffolk
Lucy Wile,
Nassau Suffolk
Haylie Keller,
North Texas Oklahoma
Taylor Levy,
North Texas Oklahoma
Brendan Roy,
North Texas Oklahoma
Miriam Schwitzer,
North Texas Oklahoma
Alyse Altberger,
NRE: Baltimore
Sophie Rosenberg,
NRE: Baltimore
Ben Talesnik,
NRE: Baltimore
Clara Zaiman,
NRE: Baltimore
Pearly Gal-Edd,
Shayna Kotler,
Carter Levenstein,
Jacob Reid,
Bri Rotker,
Audrey Feld,
NRE: Northern Virginia
Liv Arenberg,
Ohio Northern
Sydney Burkons,
Ohio Northern
Dylan Kay,
Ohio Northern
Ellie Mayers,
Ohio Northern
Bianca Cherry,
Pacific Western
Zoe Green-Mizel,
Pacific Western
Zohar Harrington,
Pacific Western
Anya Krouse,
Pacific Western
Mia Kulinsky,
Pacific Western
Liora Langman,
Pacific Western
Zoe Price,
Pacific Western
Marnie Bloom,
Red River
Hannah Cantor,
Rocky Mountain
Arielle Loewinger,
United Kingdom & Ireland
Daniel Goldstone,
United Kingdom & Ireland
Aline Cosac,
Valentina Mintz,
Haley Shamah,


Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for the good work.

נחמיה 2:18

וְכָל הַמְקַיֵּם נֶפֶשׁ אַחַת מִיִּשְׂרָאֵל, מַעֲלֶה עָלָיו הַכָּתוּב כְּאִלּוּ קִיֵּם עוֹלָם מָלֵא

Ways You Can Help from Home

Even when you are unable to leave your house or see your friends, you are still able to help those in need. You have the ability to donate money, supplies, or even send food to essential workers—there are countless opportunities to make a difference in your home community, and around the world.

1. Connect with Local Organizations

Below is an interactive map where you can find specific organizations to support in your area. The map currently covers the United States, Canada, and the UK but we will continue to add more opportunities from around the globe. If you would like to recommend additional opportunities or organizations in your country, or that are focused on the immunocompromised, the elderly, and communities of color, please email us. Note: The map is a collection of many resources and should not be considered an endorsement from BBYO. Parental permission may be required for many of the volunteering opportunities.

2. Raise Money for Those on the Front Lines

We're raising money for the people and communities hit hardest by COVID-19. Our task force will be raising money for AZA and BBG's International Service Fund – which will support Direct Relief, the NAACP, and scholarships for families financially impacted by COVID.

Our goal is to raise $2,000. Let's have some 'fun' while fundraising.

  • $5: BBYO follows you on Instagram

  • $10: A task force member posts a video getting pied in the face

  • $18: Enter a raffle for an AZA & BBG  fleece

As you donate, select your region—whichever region has the most donors receives a special prize.


3. Thank an Essential Worker

Show essential workers that you’re with them. Send words of support and thanks to an essential worker—this can include nurses, doctors, teachers, restaurant workers, bus drivers, mail carriers, etc. We want to do our best to make sure their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed:

  • Record a short (send to us.

  • Nominate an essential worker to win a $15 gift card here. We will choose one essential worker each week, and each nomination will be featured on our social media.

Progress to Goal

$1,915 USD

$2,000 USD

More Ways to Take Action

Launch a Service Project

There are many easy (and fun) projects that you can do at home to make a direct impact and meet immediate needs.

  • Tikkun Olam Makers offers easy-to-use plans so you can 3D print Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Reach out to your local hospital or nursing home to figure out what they need. Then, see if you can use your school’s 3D printer (or your own!) to fill the gaps.

  • Stand UP for communities of color and allies by helping people protest safely. Find a way to safely distribute masks (and essentials like water, snacks, and hand sanitizers) to protestors.

  • HelpingHands.Community matches elderly and immunocompromised individuals with healthy people who can run needed errands for them. Right now, they’ve got plenty of volunteers to run errands, but not many people who need help know that this service exists. Stay tuned -- we’ll be hosting a phone banking program on BBYO On Demand shortly to spread the word in a few communities.

  • Match your skills with a nonprofit’s needs: Our partners at Repair the World have launched Skills for Impact, an initiative that connects you with a cause you are about by volunteering for a project or consultation call that matches your skills and their needs.

  • Our J-Serve partners at Youth Service America have a repository of service projects that you can do from home, including Gratitude for Essential Workers, Conversations with Grandparents, and Boosting Happiness with Neighborhood Art.

  • Take The #DoGoodFromHome Challenge, completing one act of good each day that impacts those hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Collection Donation Items: Gather grocery and toiletry supplies for food banks and arrange for drop-offs or donation pick-up with a local welfare agency on the interactive map. Remember to call ahead and make sure that you’re collecting supplies that the organization needs!

  • Senior Citizen Love: Many senior citizens live alone or independently at nursing homes and retirement communities, and at this time they are not able to receive visits from friends and family. Offer local senior centers the opportunity to have conference calls and/or video calls with your chapter members to provide some fun, energy, and connection to area residents.

  • Support our Heroes: Get creative! Bake goodies, make art, cook meals, etc to bring light to the frontline healthcare workers. You can send pizzas to essential workers through Slice Out Hunger—you’ll also be supporting local restaurants!

Educate Yourself and Others

We know that these times of uncertainty can be stressful, and to help, we want to make sure that you stay educated and aware of the changing situation. Each week we will update you, along with sharing some positive news to help brighten up your week. Below are some helpful resources that can be used to educate yourself and those around you.


And anyone who saves a single soul...he is deemed by Scripture as if he had saved a whole world.

משנה סנהדרין 4:5

וכל המקים נפש אחת מישראל, מעלה עליו הכתוב כאלו קים עולם מלא

Alephs and BBGs Taking Action

We would like to highlight brother Alephs and sister BBGs who have been taking action in their home communities. These teens have been selected by their peers for their acts of kindness and impact. We will update this each week with new teens who have been taking action in their communities. If you would like to nominate someone, please click here!

Aleph and BBG of the Week

Ryan Kasanoff

Norte de Texas Oklahoma

Annie Morgan

Del este: Carolina del Norte

Annabelle Morgan of Eastern Region: North Carolina Council and Ryan Kassanoff of North Texas Oklahoma each launched Pandemic Pals in their respective hometowns of Charlotte and Dallas, where local teens can write letters to residents of local senior communities. Pandemic Pals is not only about building relationships with our elders, but also helping us see how anyone can make a positive impact on the world from their home. To get involved, Charlotte teens can sign up here, and Dallas teens can sign up here.

Meet the Standing UP for Upstanders Task Force Leaders

Want to Get Involved?