Why Should Teens Have All the Fun?

Join hundreds of “grown-ups” and thousands of teens from across the globe for an unforgettable celebration of Jewish life at BBYO International Convention (IC), February 17-21, 2022, in Baltimore, Maryland.

This year more than ever, BBYO IC 2022 is a celebration of our Movement's resiliency, vibrancy, and hope for our future, and we invite you to experience the magic of IC firsthand. Join the thinkers and doers, the practitioners and philanthropists, and the young and young at heart from around the world as we gather in Baltimore for a remarkable weekend of learning, leadership, community building, and inspiration.

Stakeholder sessions with BBYO teens and executive leadership will take place on Thursday afternoon, February 17, with additional opportunities to participate in teen programming throughout the weekend. Participants will also have an opportunity to participate in other exclusive experiences at IC including major plenary moments, an epic Shabbat celebration, and much more.

If you have any questions about IC 2022, please reach out to us. We look forward to seeing you this February as we gather safely in person once again to celebrate our Movement’s biggest moment!


Health and Safety Information

As we plan for an exciting in-person event this February, the health and well-being of our BBYO community remains our top priority. Please note that all attendees at IC 2022, including teens, staff, volunteers, and stakeholders, are required to:

Stakeholders should upload an updated vaccine card (including booster) using this link and bring proof of negative COVID test with them to IC for verification.

IC 2022 Stakeholder Experience Program Schedule

Wednesday, February 16

WLI Fellows

2:00 PM | Women’s Leadership Initiative Fellows Retreat Kickoff

Our second cohort of BBG alumnae come together for immersive workshops with industry leaders, to receive mentorship from highly accomplished professionals, and build community as they learn how to advocate for themselves in the workplace.

BBYO International Board of Directors

6:00 PM | BBYO International Board of Directors Dinner

8:00 PM | Pre-Party for Stakeholders

Thursday, February 17

WLI Fellows

8:00 AM | Women’s Leadership Initiative Fellows Retreat

WLI Fellows will be joined by author Tara Schuster in a workshop on befriending your “Frenemy Within,” learning the tools to silence the automatic negative thoughts that prevent our productivity and growth. Later, they’ll work with Kim Zoller, CEO of ID360, to build strategic alliance plans to support growth in relationships and networking.

BBYO International Board of Directors

8:30 AM | BBYO International Board of Directors Meeting

11:15 AM | Site Tour (Optional)

Join BBYO professionals and teen leaders for a behind-the-scenes site tour. Explore the ways in which IC’s festival-like environment serves as a creative and unique platform for engaging teens and inspiring young leaders from across the globe.

12:00 PM | General Session Lunch: Not All Arguments are Bad with Robbie Gringras

It is hard to imagine solving the challenges facing society without dialogue and debate.  And yet in the last decade polarizing forces have driven people to extremes.  Social media has replaced the town square as a forum for discourse in soundbites without consequence.  It is hard to know if young people have tuned it out, turned it up or taken it on. Join Robbie Gringras and select teens discussing the manifestation of conflict in their lives and what it will take to solve problems in a fractured society.

WLI Advisory Council

12:00 PM | WLI Lunch: Burnout in the Workplace with Rebecca Soffer

Everybody is grieving something right now; what was, what could have been, or what might be. As we navigate the workplace and adjust to the new “ab” normal, this workshop will help confront your discomfort, build empathy in support of others, and gain tools for resilience so burnout can be a thing of the past.

Invite only.

Parent Advisory Council

Wellness & Inclusion Advisory Council

12:00 PM | Parent Advisory Council and Wellness & Inclusion Advisory Council Lunch

Invite only.

Israel Symposium

1:30 PM | Israel Symposium: Round Table Session

How can teens and communal leaders better promote curiosity and understanding about Israel while dealing with the hostile environments in which these conversations usually take place?  Subject matter experts will share brief thoughts on each of the three topics with teens providing a “reality check” that leads into group discussion.  Small groups will seek to identify a key question facing the Jewish community as it relates to each topic as well as specific approaches for finding answers for those questions.

  • Social Media as a Platform for Discourse or Division with Ami Eden

  • Disagreements about Israel within the Tribe with Eve Barlow

  • The interconnectivity between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism with Ysabella Hazan

Invite only.

1:45 PM | BBYO Through an International Lens—Jewish Life Outside of North America

Join Past International N’siah and Area Director of Western Europe, Samantha Levinson, for a conversation about BBYO outside of North America. Teens from BBYO throughout the world will share the essence of their BBYO experience.

2:30 PM | Pathways of Resilience

Melissa Doman, Organizational Psychologist, Former Clinical Mental Health Therapist, & Author; Emily Abbate, Creator, Hurdle Podcast; Tara Schuster, Best-selling Author, Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies; Rebecca Soffer, CEO and Founder, Modern Loss

The coming year will continue to demand patience and adaptation with our teens, at home, and in the workplace. Our panelists will explore the latest trends and research in managing stress, give us tools to engage in self-care and build resilience in the face of COVID. Following the discussion, we’ll split into smaller groups to focus on what this will mean for the BBYO community moving forward. What should we be thinking about for our teens, families, and for ourselves?

4:15 PM - 5:45 PM | Flex Time

Connect with teens across IC programming through the following opportunities.

  • Site Tour with Teens: Join BBYO professionals and teen leaders for a behind-the-scenes site tour. Explore the ways in which IC’s festival-like environment serves as a creative and unique platform for engaging teens and inspiring young leaders from across the globe.

  • LGLA Ted Talk Feedback: Provide feedback to teens in our Leven Global Leadership Academy as they prepare their IC TED Talks.

  • Zen Zone: Engage with teens in the Zen Zone as they unwind and relax from the busyness of convention floor.

  • Press Corps Interviews: BBYO’s teen Press Corps captures stories from around the Movement while feeding them to The Shofar: The International Newsletter of AZA & BBG and BBYOInsider - BBYO’s voice on social media. Learn more about the teens driving BBYO’s public relations and share your story with them – who knows, it might get you some great publicity!

  • BBG Lounge - Mentorship Roundtables: BBG has been shaping young Jewish women around the world for decades. Drop by to share your BBG experience with our current members as they ask questions about your time in BBYO, your career path, and how to make the most out of your BBG journey.

4:45 PM | Engaging the Lost Tribe of Jewish Teens: How New Media, Gaming, and Influencer Culture are Changing the Game and Building Jewish Community  

Lost Tribe is changing the game on teen engagement, leveraging new media to strengthen Jewish identity and provide new avenues to participation in Jewish life. Join a conversation with BBYO teens, a Lost Tribe parent, and Lost Tribe CEO Lenny Silberman to learn about new entry points for disaffiliated Jewish youth and how gaming culture and new media can build a strong Jewish future for Gen Z.

6:00 PM | Dinner

7:15 PM | Community and Stakeholder Reception

Join us as we thank our incredible Baltimore and DC BBYO community and celebrate the power of our global movement.

Doors open at 6:30 PM.

8:30 PM | IC Opening Ceremonies

Proud. Loud. Jewish. Fun. Powerful. Moving. It’s back and there is nothing else like it.

Doors open at 8:00 PM.

Friday, February 18

7:30 AM | Stakeholder Breakfast

7:30 AM | Shacharit with Teens (Optional)

  • Camp Style: Come join us for a special BBYO-style Shacharit including stories, songs, and prayer.

  • Traditional: Start your day with a traditional Shacharit experience.

WLI Advisory Council

8:15 AM | WLI Council: Bringing It All Together

Join our Fellows as they wrap up their retreat on emotional intelligence, self-care, and network building to solidify learning and identify key takeaways for workplace application.

Invite only.

8:30 AM | LEADS Day Plenary

World-renowned movement leaders and icons of Jewish and non-Jewish life join us for an inspiring and powerful morning. This morning plenary kicks off a day of programming where delegates will gain skills, global awareness, and impact via a variety of tailored BBYO Leadership Labs.

Doors open at 8:00 AM.

Israel Symposium

9:30 AM | Israel Symposium: Strategy Session  

Key questions and approaches from the previous day will be discussed and assessed.  The group will be tasked with prioritizing three to five focus areas that will address the question “how do Jewish institutions and educators better facilitate meaningful interactions with Jewish teens about Israel?” Direction and strategies will be recorded for future use.

Invite only.

3:00 PM | Free Time and Shabbat Preparation

3:00 PM | Mincha with Teens (Optional)

Take a break from the busy IC schedule for an afternoon Mincha experience.

5:15 PM | Shabbat Starts: Sunset Candle Lighting in the J-Lab

While every service offers an opportunity for lighting Shabbat candles, the J-Lab will offer another option to gather for the blessing over the Shabbat candles at the halachic time 18 minutes before Shabbat starts.

5:45 PM | Kabbalat Shabbat

7:15 PM | Shabbat Dinner

9:45 PM | Shabbat Oneg