A Reimagined Pre-IC Experience

Maximize your time in Baltimore and join us a day before International Convention begins for a reimagined IC Summit - a special 24-hour pre-IC experience that unites the core of the Movement from around the world to network, to learn together, and to set forth the agenda of the Order for the second half of the year. Planned in partnership with renowned entrepreneurial, creative, and leadership development brands like TED, CreativeMornings, and other organizing platforms, IC Summit offers an additional, elevated menu of skills building experiences in intimate settings with experts of all kinds. In 2022, teens representing as many at 60 countries will be a part of the IC Summit ahead of IC.

IC Summit also hosts special annual events like BBYO’s International February Executives Conference (for all AZA and BBG Executives worldwide), an in-person seminar for BBYO’s Global Israel Fellows, and more. Special workshops with an emphasis on mobilizing one’s community, launching a new initiative or starting an organization, new media marketing techniques, original approaches to Jewish enrichment and spiritual community building, public speaking, event design, creative collaboration, and building complex teams across your community, are just some of the options available to participants.

And, this is all in addition to everything you’ll get to do and be a part of at IC. All IC Summit attendees will transition into IC delegates Thursday afternoon ahead of the start of Convention. Space is limited, and scholarship can be awarded as part of your overall IC scholarship request.

The IC Summit experience is open to all members regardless of position or experience.

If you have any questions about IC Summit, feel free to reach out to the IC Customer Service Team at any time. Summit registration information can be found here.